Are Your Walls Starting to Crack?

Turn to our team in Owensboro, KY for plaster repair services

Addressing cosmetic issues right away can prevent the damage from getting worse. When you need plaster repair services, turn to Overtime Drywall & Plastering. We serve homeowners and contractors within 45 miles of Owensboro, KY.

Plaster is a delicate material, so don't attempt to repair plaster surfaces yourself. Call 270-993-6141 now to hire specialists with nearly 40 years of experience.

Plaster vs. drywall - the differences explained

Should you arrange for drywall installation or plaster installation services? It depends on the benefits you want most.

Drywall comes in sheets, while plaster is applied to walls by hand. As a result, plaster surfaces will be...

  • Thicker and stronger
  • More rigid and less likely to buckle
  • Better at blocking air flow and outside noise

Our plaster installation specialists in Owensboro, KY can tell you more about the benefits of each material. Reach out now to get your questions answered.